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Archive Of Our Own

Just wanted to let y'all know: I am now on AO3

I recently got Two Weeks In Hawaii + Under the Lights of Sin City up on there so you can read them all in one go (TWIH = 112k words, UTLOSC = 23k words omg)

so. yep.

xx Tabi
Title : Scared of the Dark (The Door’s Wide Open) [2/?]
Author : Tabi [ ipanicdaily ]
Pairing[s] : William/Gabe, William/Travis, Brendon/Ryan, Nate/Alex, Ryland/Victoria (Pete/Patrick, Frank/Gerard)
Rating : NC-17
Summary : Three years have passed since William threw his old life away to stay in Hawaii. Things haven’t exactly turned out how William expected them to, and now each day is a struggle as he tries not to crumble beneath his own mind.
P.O.V. : 3rd; William-centric
Warnings : language, mild violence, mental disorders (nothing severe though), attempted suicide
Disclaimer : well, WE ALL KNOW GABILLIAM IS REAL. But unlike that, this story is not. William has a daughter, but her name is not Kaedance, nor does she have AIDs (to my knowledge.) And she’s not Travis’ (she’s Gabes).
Title taken from Loverboy by You Me At Six
Beta : telyse
Additional Notes : Takes place 2 years after the epilogue to Two Weeks In Hawaii .
Authors Comments : shitty update is shitty.

Past Parts: PrologueChapter One

Chapter TwoCollapse )


I hath created an account on AO3 and shall be transferring my works there (only the ones I like) for those of you that like that site (I'm still trying to figure it out)

I won't be deleting my lj or anything, so don't worry.

and contradictory to my last post -- I'm not working on anything right now. Rather, I'm doing a bunch of random, pretty pointless little Ferard fics that are part of my "A Day In The Life" series.

and now you know, so carry on.

xx Tabi